Vangheilu al Mattheu 1889

Langue: Aromanian

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Aromanian is a language used by pastoral people scattered throughout the Balkans but especially in northern Greece, southern Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.  The Aromanian language is descended from Latin and is related to Romanian.  It is also sometimes called Vlach.  In Albanian it is called Arumanisht, and in Macedonian it is called Vlasi. In English it was historically known as Macedo-Romanian. The Aromanians are a recognised minority group in Macedonia.

Aromanian Gospel of Matthew
The Aromanian Gospel of Matthew was prepared under the direction of Gerasim D. Kyrias (Gjerasim Qiriazi), Superintendent of the British and Foreign Bible Society's work in the region, who was based in Monastir (Bitola).  This was published as a tentative edition by BFBS at the request of the Albanian Committee of Christians and Muslims.

Vangheilu al Mattheu (Gospel According to Matthew), was translated into Macedo-Romanian (or what is now usually called Aromanian) by Lazar Demetrius.  He was a school teacher at the Greek school in Monastir (Bitola) in what is now the Republic of Macedonia. The text was in roman script, following Romanian style orthography. The text was followed by one leaf containing "Alfabetulu Macedo-românu" describing the alphabet in connection to the Greek.  A note on it ends with the words "Aestu vănghelĭu éste tradusŭ în dialectulŭ Macedo-românŭ, de Lazulu alu Dumi (Pisodrénu)". It was printed by the Albanian Society "Dituria" (Knowledge) in Bucharest in Romania in 1889, at the same time as the books of Genesis and Matthew in the Tosk dialect of Albanian.

The Aromanian Gospel of Matthew was digitised from an original copy in the British and Foreign Bible Society archives in 2016, with help from MissionAssist, for the West Balkan Partnership of Bible Societies. This is the first book of the Bible to be printed into the Aromanian language.

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